Beginning Anew

Oh, friends, this life isn’t always easy, is it?

Here we are doing the best we can,

and then someone comes along and tells us to use less plastic.

Or to be a better mother.

Or   ____ .


Maybe it’s ourselves doing the commanding, or maybe it comes from outside.

Maybe it’s an unwelcome burden.

Maybe it’s an opening and an opportunity.

Sometimes it’s both.

Either way, maybe this can help:

Beginning Anew means expressing our regret for mistakes we have made in the past coupled with a deep and transforming energy to act differently from now on. Because we know that we can act differently, we do not need to feel guilt.

The principle meaning of the practice of Beginning Anew is to bathe in the water of compassion.

–Thich Nhat Hanh Touching the Earth


May you –and I and we–know compassion for ourselves as we discover our capacity for Beginning Anew.

Again and again and again.

A Word of Thanks

To my daughter, first, as each day new words emerge

from that holy little mouth

half formed and persistent pieces of language.

In the moment before I recognize them

when in my denseness all I hear is babble,

they are stars falling, blossoms opening,

the horizon brightening before sunrise.

And then I “hear” her and we both lift from the ground.


Thanks also to you,

for sharing this space with me,

and for this conversation

about what it means to live well.