“Offering in the Name of the Dead” in Kitchen Table Quarterly

“Night Being a Moonlit Ordeal” in Quarterly West

“The Thin Line” in the Santa Fe New Mexican’s Pasatiempo

“Dowsing,” “The Trouble with Belief,” and “The Tree Coroners” at Terrain.org 

“Our Names Unfurl Across Winter” and “For the Record” at Kenyon Review Online

 “The Washerwoman Maps Her Body Before Death” and “The Washerwoman’s Daughter” at Anomaly

“Landscape with River Restored to its Historic Channel After 100 Years” at About Place Journal

“Equinox” at Heron Tree

“Correspondence with the High Country,” “ Correspondence with my Garden,” and “Dryland Canticles” at Dark Matter, Women Witnessing

“Yellow Warbler” and “Missing Page from the Guide to Western Birds” at Written River

“Grass Widow” at The Hopper


“Thirsty River” in Mountain Gazette


The Paper Trail Grows Thin: An interview with The Adroit Journal 

Cline’s Corner interview with Lynne Cline

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