Little Love Song to my Firstborn, Now Four.

Little wildflower blooming in the desert. Little drop of honey. Little chickadee singing in the lilac. Little egg still warm in the hand. Little strawberry with cream. Little smiling moon. Little dawn light on the mountain. Little arms around my neck. Little first rain of the year.

Little one, watching you grow into yourself is like watching a flower open, and open, and open again. Each petal unfurling brings us closer to the grace that is our lives, that spiral of love with no beginning and no end. Oh little sweet, how big you really are.

Happy birthday, my heart.

May all good things be yours.

Cora Love

We’re celebrating Cora this weekend–she turns Two on Friday.

Today we had a small party with our dearest Mamas and Littles. Celebrating the arrival of spring as well as little Cora.

~We sang and circled and danced and spun.

~Little bundles of cloth hold calendula and rice grass seeds to spread on the land, that our friends’ lives may be filled with as much beauty as they bring to ours.

~We sort of made a springtime procession a la Mother Earth and Her Children, with daffodil wands and handfuls of rich compost to bless the new green growth we discovered and greeted.

(And then ran all over in a general ruckus of rambunctious fun.)

~The cake is carrot-applesauce from one of the Moosewoods. Cream cheese and maple syrup frosting.


Blessings, my daughter, on your next season of growth.

It is a joy to have you at my side.

Every day, every moment; I am so grateful.