Quality Storage

Well, call me a product of my times and culture, but nothing gets me excited about saving the world like cool gear. Specifically, I’d like a whole freezer filled with stainless tiffins like this one a friend brought me from India. I’ve also been coveting the glass storage containers for sale at my local co-op. As much as I’d like to stock my house with such things, I don’t really need them. And cutting back on plastic just to get lots of cool new “green” gear just doesn’t make sense to me.

Of course, a gal does occasionally need to satisfy her yen for New and Wonderful. While doing my Christmas shopping at the thrift store last week I treated myself to a small assortment of mismatched bowls of different sizes and vintages, all fitted with a carefully chosen plate-lid. Ta-da: our new very cute and eco (but not freezer or travel worthy) tupperware.

If you’re sure you can’t live without a freezer and travel worthy tiffin of your own, a local Indian food market would be a great place to look for affordable and authentic ones. If you’re stuck out on the mesa but have a few pennies to invest in your personal scheme to save the world and the economy (one cool gear item at a time), check out Life Without Plastic, where the high quality tiffins, glass containers, and much more will make you, too, want to swear off plastic forever.

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