Evergreen and Dark Nights, Thank You


Floating fruit fairies,

A hanging wreath:

Many thanks to the forest for this winter harvest.


We slow our pace a bit to match the sun

(for solstice is from the latin sol, sun, and sistere, to stand still)

Staying in more than going out,

crafting rather than spending,

watching the sun rise and set each day.

At dinner we take a bit of a rest from the electric lights

and bring candles to the table.

A celebration in honor of this dark season, welcoming it at in our home,

but also a mini-eco sabbath, reducing our impact in a small,

immeasurably pleasurable way.


For slow footsteps on the frozen land, leading us back towards

this home filled with the warmth of sunlight and the smells of fir and pine.

For restful days and festive nights,

the fleeting sun and long span of dark cold

– I give thanks –

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