This Week’s Recipe Brought to You By

the snow falling surely and steadily across our high desert home

the sun breaking through

the land transformed

and the unexpected rainbow right here where we stand.

Thank you snow, thank you sun, thank you, my little fashionista.

Thank you, friends, for sharing the journey.

Have a lovely, snowed in weekend!

3 Replies to “This Week’s Recipe Brought to You By”

  1. I love the image of the snow bug; for some reason it reminds me of the hummer cozy – folks got together and knitted a love cozy for an army humvee a couple years ago.

    On another note, Aylin & I were at Jo-Ann’s a couple days ago and they had thread storage on sale 40% off; well Aylin talked me into getting the wooden rack, she said, “mama, you don’t want that plastic one and what if it breaks, you’ll just have to throw it away. If you get the wood one you’d be able to fix it”. So there you have it, we came home with the wood thread holder and I am very happy with it!

    You are changing lives in ways you never imagined!

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