A Journey in Thanks

I should have said yesterday that we didn’t just one day wake up and stop having trash in our garbage pail. It’s been a slow process of weaning ourselves off it these last five months. This journey to figuring out how to live with less waste is ongoing, but already so much goodness has come out of this simple commitment. Really, it’s almost like the minimum of trash is a side benefit rather than the point. Some of my favorite things from along the way:

:: Accessing my inner resourcefulness. That is, learning to cook root vegetables.

:: The rhythms of making bread, cheese, and yogurt.

:: Fearless trial and error.

:: Stepping outside the gates of the industrial food kingdom for a wholehearted return to whole foods, local foods, unpackaged foods, homemade foods.

:: Mindfulness and attention at the store, in the home, on the road, in my head.

:: Becoming a part of the strong and growing community of people who recognize that while we might not be able to change the world, we can change for the good of the world.

:: Discovering that saying no to plastic is not an act of deprivation but an invitation to partake of gifts previously unimagined and ever so benevolent. It is, in essence, about saying yes to an unwrapped life.

For all of these things, and for all the things to come, I am so grateful.

7 Replies to “A Journey in Thanks”

  1. just found your blog and adore it! i think i came by way of which name? by way of shivaya naturals? excited to read more…and learn how to get plastic out of my life too… do you have a post or would you write one on storing produce in the fridge? do you use muslin bags? thanks!

    1. That’s an old hippie classic called Being of the Sun by Alicia Bay Laurel and Ramon Sender–has everything from how to make instruments to attain enlightenment. The bread recipe is from the solstice celebration. All you do is make your favorite bread dough, and before the last rising divide into three equal parts with a little ball left over. Braid the three, place in a circle on the pan, and put the ball in the middle. Lovely bread for breaking with friends.

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