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    1. The “nest” is perched in one of our scrubby piƱon trees. This one is about my height (ie not very tall), and I took the picture from a little ways downhill. Thanks for saying hello!

  1. beautiful. and gorgeous new header.
    i wanted to ask…maybe i missed it somewhere, but where is your milk coming from (assuming you consume some)? with your goals, i am mindful of more of our waste (and i had thought we were limited with waste, not even close to you!) and cannot afford the bottles of milk at the store. we are urban, so cannot keep a cow or goat, nor are there dairy farms close enough to supply us. wondering if you had found an alternative and have suggestions on finding an alternative near us. thanks!

    1. We get a gallon of goat milk each week from a milking cooperative we belong to. That mostly gets used to make various soft cheeses. I also buy cow milk in returnable glass bottles, for yogurt making and to put in tea or whatever. You have to pay a deposit on the bottle, but otherwise it is pretty competitively priced. Not completely plastic free, of course, with all those lids, but pretty close.

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