Live and Learn Part II: The Vital Wheat Gluten Fable

The day came when I really wanted vital wheat gluten. I assure you it seemed absolutely necessary. At one store it was sold in plastic bags. So of course I didn’t buy it. At the next store I saw it in a cardboard box. Jackpot!

Not quite.

I’m not sure if it was my all consuming desire that blinded me to the fact that inside that little box would be a plastic bag (like 99.2% of food sold in cardboard boxes). I thought it might be like baking soda, or mac and cheese, you know. But of course it wasn’t, and I got twice the packaging I would have ended up with if I’d just bought the plastic bag.

Here’s the kicker. A week later, back at the first store, I found it in bulk. Ack! (True to my principles, I had looked for it in bulk, but at the second store, not the first. Confused? Yeah.)

Now, I don’t go beating myself up for these accidental transgressions. It just annoys me that my unintentional “slips” are for things like vital wheat gluten instead of, say, blueberries (which we are really missing these days).

So what is the takeaway message from this little goosechase? I’m tempted to say it’s don’t give up–Just say no! So, so many of the things we need, excluding printer cartridges and that sort of thing, can be found in a plastic-free form. But for me the real lesson was to just keep on keeping on…and not worry too much about my lack of x-ray vision.

Which reminds me that I’m still looking for a plastic-free source of wool stuffing. If you happen to know of anyone who offers it in a paper bag, do tell.

8 Replies to “Live and Learn Part II: The Vital Wheat Gluten Fable”

  1. Try Looking Glass on Luisa; I know they sell a LOT of roving (unspun wool) in bulk; they may have one that would work for stuffing. Probably not the silk/cashmere!

  2. Hey Kyce– Just checking on your blog– love it as it grows and deepens.– Noe is wool stuffing is just wool? Karleen has a bunch in her shed I might get my hands on for some projects. I will ask her if she wants to sell you some. Anyone with sheep, Carl Clark, Arina? Wool is all around. I will let you know what I find out, farmers at market might just give you some.– Just some thoughts– Lots of love–Erin

  3. Kyce,
    I have wool stuffing sitting out in my barn from my sheep. It needs to be washed and I could tell you how to do that. I’d be happy to send it to you. I paid $10 per fleece to the shearer and that’s all I would charge you.
    happy weekend,
    oh…I just saw the comment above…maybe you found some locally.

  4. Kyce,
    Sounds like you’re covered, but if you still need wool, I’ve got some I could send you, free and not wrapped in plastic. All the best to you in your pursuits!

  5. I had a wheat gluten crisis too. Our health food store stopped selling it in bulk, but I always used it in my bread recipe. I couldn’t stand to be purchasing such a silly little box. So now we’re just managing without it.

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