Postcards from Mama and Papa’s House

In the home:

On the land:

We took a little journey this week to my parent’s house. They live in paradise (a very long drive from everywhere, I might add). There’s magpies sailing through the big sky, generous storms, majillions of stars, the heart filling smell of sagebrush all around, and a landscape that has nourished our family for many good years.

In a few months my folks are taking a big step and moving to a house just down the road from us here in the big city. We’re so excited to have them closer. I mean, how wonderful is that pastel/water color board my mama turned her coffee table into for Cora? It is exciting to have our family coming together at a time when it will mean so much to Cora. To all of us. Still, I can’t help but be a little bit sad to lose regular contact with the other member of our family, this beautiful land that we all love so well.

There are many landscapes I love and consider a part of me. But this one is so wrapped up with my identity, my experience “coming of age,” that it will always be sacred to me. Like family, the land we love runs through our veins and memories. It lives in our stories, and is the link between our future and past. It sustains us as surely as any kind of love.

5 Replies to “Postcards from Mama and Papa’s House”

  1. Will your parents still own the piece of land you love so much? It is such a blessing to have family close by, but gosh, the things we have to give up sometimes can be such great challenges of the heart. Sending a prayer to you and your family for peaceful and easy transitions!

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