A Special Thank You to Old Man Winter

Lot’s of gratitude in our house these days for the super abundant snow pack blanketing our mountains.

Seeping into the earth, down the mountainside, spilling through our taps and, blessedly, into our most beloved and dry river.

Our walks have meandered down from the ridge tops we frequent in the winter back into this once-again running, much neglected riverbed.

We hope for a long season of flow, the health of the willows and native plants, the birds and beavers, all the creatures that share this waterway.

And give a special thanks for the watering of our own thirsty souls.

One Reply to “A Special Thank You to Old Man Winter”

  1. On this overcast, gloomy day at 6512 feet, I needed this. Thanks for reminding me of the importance of gratitude. As you know, being in the Southwest, there are many hot days to come.

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