The seeds are sprouting.

I know it happens billions and billions of times each year.

But, gee, these are the seeds I planted.

And speaking of seeds I planted, I first put word out about my garden blog party, a half moon ago or so.  Funny enough, in my fertile imagination that seed just germinated, oh, yesterday. In other words, I figured out what to write about. So I’m postponing things a tad. Shall we  aim for a May 1st extravaganza? Just in time for getting serious about our gardens. (What you’ve seen from me so far was just a little cold season prelude.)

Here’s the meat of the invitation:

What has your land taught you? (Or the potted aloe plant on the kitchen window sill?) Tell us about your method or philosophy, your tools, your bounty and losses. Tell of your favorite plants, what you say to weeds, the smell of rain on your soil. Tell us of the wild land you roam and how it strengthens the plot you cultivate and your own growing body. Tell us what your garden would say if it could speak, what it has whispered to you when you weren’t listening, but heard anyways. Speak practically or poetically. Whether you cultivate it or not, whether you have “success” with those efforts or not, whether you consider yourself obsessed with green growing things or utterly indifferent, I’d like to know what you’ve learned from your home-ground.

Or, at least why you garden.

(I know that sounds rhetorical, but really, what comes up when you dig a little deeper?)

Cast your net as close or far as you please to answer that one.

To join in, send me a link or leave a comment before May 1st. Just one last moment for calm reflection before the glorious madness of summer.

9 Replies to “Germination”

  1. I would love to write about why I garden. Is the garden party, doing a post on May 1st on this topic? I think I got it. It is such an important topic!


  2. Kyce,

    I’d love to join too. I have doing a lot of gardening lately and would love to link back here before the first of May so that others might join if they’d like.


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