Gratitude for the Journey

So much to say as our plastic fast draws to a close, but basically all I need to say is not much is going to change.

I’ll buy bleach, at last, and maybe rice cakes. And I’ll feel less guilty when I can’t resist a new ink pad for my rubber stamping.

But it’s been a good thing, this unpackaged life, and I’m feeling mighty grateful for all it has taught us.

Unexpected abundance, indeed.

Why cut short a good thing?

Our less-plastic life has been made possible by the old fashioned gods of making do and doing without.

I offer them my thanks, now:

To the ancestors, and the children yet to come;

To the earth, our home.

And to our expanding knowledge of how to live lightly and fully upon it.


Many thanks to all of you for sharing the journey.

It is far from over.

(PS, I’ll post our garden party on Monday so we can all enjoy a weekend offline. Still time to contribute…)

5 Replies to “Gratitude for the Journey”

  1. Hey Kyce– I have posted some garden musing on my sight from your encouragement. Thanks again for all that you culitvate and catalyze.–erin

  2. Kyce- Congrats on the fast, which continues on and on….
    (I didn’t know you were a rubber-stamp maiden!)
    I’d like some guidance on the shampoo recipe….
    See you soon, and thanks for doing this blog, even if I rarely read it. I do love the pics-

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