Image from this slideshow by the Huffington Post.

Oh mama ocean and all of my kin held in your body,

I am grieving for you. I am angry for you.

Oh mama ocean, oh my brothers and sisters in the sea.

I will find a way to live that honors rather than degrades you.


I want to park the car for a week in mourning. But a week, it’s neither enough, nor quite possible.

So I will renew my efforts to live a more radically local life.

Driving seldom, carpooling when traveling across town,

staying home, staying focused on this place,

and the abundance I can find within walking distance.


And every day free of driving, be it one or twenty or a hundred,

I’ll dedicate to you.

Oh mama ocean.

My heart is full for you.

7 Replies to “Mourning”

  1. You have summed up the depth of emotion that I feel each time I see Gulf Coast on the news. Such sadness, such destruction!

  2. Kyriie,
    I’m feeling so sick at heart too. Wishing more than ever that my car wasn’t part of my life, and renewing my own vows to live better. Thanks!

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