River Love

What a glorious and busy week it’s been in these parts.

I was consumed with getting ready for this reading featuring fifteen contributors from the book I edited (it’s still forthcoming, but soon, soon).  Yes, before I quit plastic I had a life as a literary activist. (I should put that on my tax forms instead of Extreme Eco Housewife.) The reading was dedicated to honoring a vital but much neglected part of our community: our river which was once named most endangered river in America. We had music, poems, and stories from some of the most talented writers and musicians in town, and a wonderful packed house.

Here I am giving my little speech at the beginning. The reading was in a gallery currently showing an exhibit about the Santa Fe River. Fitting, right? Basically what I said in my talk was this: “Our stories, poetry, songs, and art are a crucial part of breathing life back into the river. I believe this kind of praise and honoring feed it in a vital way, and that they are possibly as essential as water. For a river can flow with water and still be invisible and neglected if it doesn’t live inside us…By re-storying the river we bring it back to life in our hearts and minds, smoothing the way for its physical restoration.”

Have you gifted your river, mountain, forest, shoreline, woodland, canyon with a story-song-picture lately?

4 Replies to “River Love”

  1. What a lovely thing to do! Congrats on your book, and of course you are still a literary-activist, it’s just in a digital form for the moment.
    We have a creek and river running through our town and we gift it by playing enthusiastically on its shores all summer long.

  2. “By re-storying the river we bring it back to life in our hearts and minds, smoothing the way for its physical restoration”
    i love that.
    also, i second 6512’s comment about playing enthusiastically on our little town’s river shores – i also like to sing it little river songs when i ride the trail that runs alongside it on my bike.

  3. Hooray Kyce! Glad to hear that the return of the river book and project is coming to life and that you’re getting out there to talk about it. Way to go. Very enjoyable blog too.

    Happy Spring to you all, –P

  4. I love that, “re-storying “, for if one does not hold love for something and say it “out loud” then how can we care for it? And most importantly pass on that love.

    I love the pictures of your family hiking, it reminds me of my daily childhood wilderness adventures in Mexico.

    Thank you. Peace and love. Anna

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