Midsummer Days

Some things I’m loving these days:

:: Readying the old bus for a road trip with no destination save North.

:: Savoring the trickle of river that is pulling its annual disappearing act as I write. Time to head to the mountains, indeed.

::Taking naps like nobody’s business. Of course I feel shamefully unproductive, but it’s hot. And don’t we all know deep down what good things are born from fallow times?

::Watching this little one discover the joys of green food. Thank you snow peas!

:: Rescuing my garden harvest from the snails. Lot’s of salad (the French consider bitter summer greens positively healthful, I hear), a bunch of baby turnips, abundant kale, herbs, green onions. And lot’s more that will be ready for us in a fortnight.

:: The Man of the Place who spent a day hauling 250 ancient adobe bricks because it was the right thing to do. Even though half of them broke in transit. And now he says he’ll build a house with them. Or at least part of a wall.

::Sorry to lose my radical homemaker cred, but I’ve got to confess that we are positively loving storebought tortillas these days. That’s right, we are still looking for the balance between living with as little impact as possible and, well, sanity. I look forward to reporting back on our discoveries along these lines as we continue to discover what it means to live lightly and well.

Be well friends! Enjoy these days and all they bring. See you when the wind blows us home.

10 Replies to “Midsummer Days”

  1. Lovely…have a great trip. And if you live in the land of good tortillas, why not partake? (On the other hand, if you live in New England, you don’t have much choice but to make your own).

  2. Love the VW!
    My little loves snow peas too. Yay!
    And storebought tortillas..no cred lost. We buy them, too. I love homemade. Love. But for the life of me I cannot get them big enough for a burrito, which we adore around here. Oh, and I buy whole wheat because i SHOULD, but really, the white flour ones taste so much better. There. I admitted it.

  3. Drooling over your bus. We sold our westy a few years back, and I’ve never regretted something so much…. ah well! Perhaps there will be another one in my future! Happy travels, enjoy the journey and I look forward to your next posts!

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