Getting to Work

This fall is so glorious, so endlessly beautiful and warm, that I sometimes get a tinge of sadness. It’s not my usual fall melancholy, which is as delightful as the season itself, but something with a twinge of fear in it. Is this just a warm, dry La Niña year, or a taste of what the future holds? Who can say, really, but either way it makes me want to get to work to change our world a little. Not necessarily to alter the course of the future, but to prepare to live in it in a sustainable way.


Fortunately, lot’s of people are feeling this way these days. When I see what the 350 folks are up to this weekend, it fills me with a much needed blast of love for my fellow humans, and carried me away with the zeitgeist of collective action. Take a look for yourself to get a taste of what these amazing communities are doing this weekend during 10/10/10 work parties happening all across the planet. Find out what’s happening in your own town, too. Maybe even join in. (Santa Feans can head down to Frenchy’s Field from 1-6 on Sunday for the Fe version of it all.)

Did you hear that there’s going to be solar panels at the White House? Well, over here in the barrio we’re going to finish installing our crazy huge water tanks (yes, that’s enough plastic on there to warrant a few more years of a plastic fast, or enough to hold 3,000 gallons between four cisterns). Setting up a rain catchment system has been this summer’s very slow, but hugely satisfying project. I suppose the bright side of a dry winter is not much pressure to finish.

Other things to do around your own home might be hanging up a clothesline if you don’t already have one. Winterize. Make those muslin bags you know you want for the bulk aisles. Build a compost pile. Spread sheet mulch on your garden or wannabe garden with an eye towards spring. Begin, and the land will take over. If you’ve already got a micro farm happening out back, find a friend to help get started.

What are some other simple tasks we can do in our homes and communities to get to work changing our lives to put an end to the madness that has led to climate change? Think on the small things that will make a big difference to not only the way we live, but also the way we think. Whatever ideas you come up with, and end up doing, take pictures and send them to your representatives at all levels of government.

Let’s show them the world getting to work, and let our example lead them to do the same.

3 Replies to “Getting to Work”

  1. Thanks, dear Kyce, for your grounded and simple reminder to keep taking those baby steps toward sustainable living. I love knowing you.

  2. Happy Fall Kyce! I’m glad you’re posting some these days. You are an awesome person. Maybe you’ve been to ? Hattie’s new pre-school has a program where they collect a few of the “trash” items (screw caps, used baggies, etc) and turn them in for money. That money goes to Pennies for Peace… Pretty sweet lessons for littles. Love to you all! Cindy (in Asheville)

  3. Welcome back to posting! Love catching up a bit…

    I think getting the word out and sharing our experiences with small changes in a confident way is so important. Even talking about it with our children, who may live the way we do and not really know why. As they grow, they have such big voices and power over how our world – locally, especially – is shaped.

    Being informed is so key. I admit that in our area, so much is done as a matter of course, that I had no idea until recently that our school doesn’t have a solid recycling program in place! I signed up to help with that.


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