Lustful Knitting

Nobody warned me. When I sat down to learn to knit last winter, nobody said, Beware, this may be your undoing.

And I’m glad they didn’t, because I love to knit. I have about a hundred  projects I’d like to make this winter, and the only thing (!) stopping me is this: Gear. I have two different sizes of knitting needles, and am just realizing that of the many patterns I collect, almost none of them call for the same size needle. Um, what’s a girl supposed to do?

I’m really a pretty good non-consumer. I occasionally lose it at yard sales and thrift stores in big cities, but in general, I don’t buy anything but food and underwear and used  books. So it was strange, that rush of I Have to Buy Every Size Knitting Needle I Can Get–Right Now!

I almost bought a set of interchangeables. I almost bought one of the insanely cheap sets of like 15 needle sizes straight from China off that place where you bid on stuff. I almost went and just paid full price at the local yarn shop for a needle size that seemed useful, someday, but not quite yet.

And then I just stopped, and watched myself for a second. I went back to the two little projects underway on my two pairs of fine circular needles. I’m having fun with them. Besides, how much knitting can you do at once?

This isn’t the first time I’ve wanted something. Badly. Right now. But that breath, that pause, that little bit of room for the desire to exist without consuming me, or turning me into a consumer, I consider it a friend. Sometimes I realize I don’t need what I think I do. Or that I do. Or I can find it secondhand if I wait a little (or more likely, a long time).

I’ll figure it out, no doubt. But how do you handle that crafty person’s craving for…more? More fabric, yarn, books, supplies, projects. I kind of agree with this related post from Little Home Blessings. Sometimes it’s a fine line between inspiration and lust, between doing it yourself and consumerism, eh?

13 Replies to “Lustful Knitting”

  1. It can be hard to wait. when something comes up, I pray and then keep a positive attitude knowing that if it is something worth having, it will be found – it is amazing how this usually works.

    Can you email me your mailing address? I have too many sets of needles laying around.

    1. Thanks for affirming the wait, pray, patience approach. And thank you for your kind offer. You and your family are an inspiration of the best sort for me.

  2. yes, i have thought these same things, especially since joining the blogging world. there is so much out there to create, and creating is a good thing, but it does still involve consumption, just on a deconstructed level. and i think that, somehow, the inspiration that i feel when reading creative blogs also comes along with an impulse for consumption, an i-want, i-must-have, this-will-make-our-lives-better undercurrent with which i am ill at ease. i love the idea of having a home filled with handmade goods that speak of love and creativity. but even more than that i want to have a home that is filled with love and creativity in and of themselves … no goods required.

    thanks for giving voice to these thoughts, kyce.

  3. Ugh, you’re right…it is dangerous. I bought yarn and a pattern for a sweater last summer and then, since I needed four different needle sizes, just jumped in and bought the interchangeable needle set…and have I started said sweater yet? No. (For good reason; I’m making myself finish a previously-commenced project first). On the other hand, I began a christmas present for my hubby last night, using yarn I already owned and borrowing a friend’s knitting needles because I didn’t have the right size…so I am capable of restraint. I think yarn, fabric and craft supply swaps would be a great thing to both burn up some of that acquisitve urge while also reducing one’s own unneeded stuff burden, and maybe marrying the perfect supply to the perfect person.

    1. So I guess you can’t give me a review of your interchangeables? 🙂
      I’m so grateful to my friend across the way who has the ultimate needle collection and has generously shared whatever I’ve needed so far. I agree that a swap/crafting library between friends is the way to go.

  4. Ok….I enjoy thrifting on occasion at my local Goodwill store…..I usually go when someone I know has need of something….and I can almost always find it eventually. Today I had a few moments between appointments and just went to “browse”….well….there was a bundle of knitting needles….3 pair….all size 11…for $1.99! I only NEED one pair….and I figured I would run into someone soon who might want/need some size 11 needles….could that be you? 🙂
    I would be honored to share my little blessing with you.
    Check me out on my blog….and feel free to send me an email….and one set of size 11 wooden needles will be yours. 🙂

  5. Knitting is fantastically addictive. Much more than I expected too. 🙂

    I try to have only one of each type of needle and buy only for specific projects. That being said I have 2 sets of #7 16 inch circs because I use them most.

    I see Sheila mentioned you can sometimes find them at thrift stores and yard sales… estate sales might also be a good place to try.

    I’m not sure if there’s a Ravelry group for destashing needles, but that would be a good place to try too.

    When I lived in Albuquerque, I was a member of Las Aranas Spinners and Weaver Guild… I think there’s a guild in Santa Fe too… Being a member gives you a heads up when crafters are downsizing or destashing.

    My favorite place for supplies was Village Wools in ABQ. They have a fantastic selection of needles and other tools. Many of which are bamboo which is more renewable than others.

  6. I get this way about boots, strangely enough. I think it’s because my feet are always ice-cold in the winter time, so every Fall I crave a new pair of boots to keep me warm. So far I haven’t gotten any in years. But whether it’s boots or crafts or a new sweater, I usually talk myself down by saying a little prayer and affirming that everything I need will come to me in due time. And it always does! Nice how the universe listens 🙂

  7. Oh, I’m such a victim of too much inspiration. Well said, as always Kyce! You may have already done so, but have you asked some of the older women in your life for needles? I inherited a bunch from various people, and that was quite helpful. Also, I do buy them here and there, figuring I’m investing in a tool I will use a long time – but with caution. 🙂 P.S. Another reason not to get the yucky aluminums – they suck to knit with.

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