Unplugging, Continued.

Earlier this fall we paid a visit to Tinkertown

one of New Mexico’s “most renowned folk-art environments.”

Totally super cool labor of one man’s love of making things with his hands.

He once said, “I did all this while you were watching TV.”

(He probably didn’t have a two year old, either.)

What do you do when your screen of choice is dark?

(Besides raising your kiddos, of course.)


p.s. Thanks for coming to visit me here when you’re online. I’m so delighted to have you!

7 Replies to “Unplugging, Continued.”

  1. I can imagine he had tons of fun making those wee little pieces of art, but I bet you are right; I doubt there were any wee ones around. Peace and love. Anna

  2. This is so neat! I didn’t even know there was a Tinkertown. It’s definitely on our list of places to visit when we go to Albuquerque next summer.
    Love your blog!!
    Marilyn in NM
    (Aztec, actually)

  3. Nice blog! Found it throught your article about your “plastic fast” in Sustainable Santa Fe 2011. Was just thinking recently about trying to make ricotta. Your post about making sour cream is inspiring. I’ve subscribed and look forward to more inspiration and good thoughts.

    1. Hi Aku–glad you found me. I love making ricotta–super easy and delicious. Look for recipes online…plenty out there! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Hi, I’m from Chile, and casually I found your site, and these pictures little furnitures, people sculpture, are very nice…I am teacher of arts for kids between 10 and 14 y. old, so I like much this style, congratulations!! 🙂

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