The Mother’s Prayer


Our Mother, whose body is the Earth,

sacred is thy being. Thy gardens grow.

Thy will be done in our cities,

as it is in nature.

Thanks be this day

for food and air and water.

Forgive us our sins against the Earth,

as we are learning to forgive one another.

And surrender us not unto extinction, but deliver us from our folly.

For thine is the beauty and the power,

and all life, from birth to death,

from beginning to end, forever.


So be it.

Blessed be.

~Henry Horton, 1989~

The fourth light of advent, (Rudolf Steiner said), ” is the light of humankind, the light of hope that we may learn to love and understand.”

Wishing us all that light burning bright within our hearts and homes.

May we all be re-born with the sun.

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