It’s Back!

 Ordering the Stars is being interrupted to bring you a special message from this week’s sponsor, The Santa Fe River. Please continue chilling out, until the next installment.


After a long dry spell, friends, the Santa Fe River is flowing once again. Or trickling.

Yes, we call that a river around here.

It brings special gifts:

Willow leaves unfurling,

Scent of water

Red-winged blackbirds


Bare feet

Water reflecting light



Without this river, there would be no Old Recipe (or Santa Fe, for that matter!). It sustains us body, mind, soul, and most especially heart.

Thank you river, for making this life possible.


What’s your land offering, these days?

One Reply to “It’s Back!”

  1. ahhhhh…that’s my sound of satisfaction after reading this first page of your blog. after each entry i thought, “just one more, and then i’ll comment on that one…” until i had read them all and now i am too full of all i want to say. so for now i will just say that i am enchanted, that it is always such a treat to peek into another mother’s life that is a little like mine and that i look forward to reading more.

    our land these days is offering the last of the spring wildflowers, the second round of nettles and a city supported in creative longevity by the lengthening days.

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