Garden + Poems = Giveaway

“Read these poems and feel the rich earth crumbling between your fingers, see the precious seed covered over with dirt, hear the prayer on your lips asking for rain.” —Richard Vargas

“This collection will inspire you to grow chiles, follow an acequia, call an old friend, hold someone’s hand, watch your children sleep, try out Grandma’s recipes, bake bread from scratch, pick weeds in the Bosque and more.” —Stephanie Dobbie

I am honored to have a handful of poems included in How to: multiple perspectives on creating a garden, a life, relationships, and community,ย the latest poetry anthology from Albuquerque’s Harwood Art Center. It is a celebration of land, relationships, community, and heritage, all told through the metaphor of gardening.

It also happens to be so good that I want all of you to read it. But I only have one extra copy.

So, in honor of Poetry Month, and the land you live on, whether or not you call it a garden, and in honor of you, my dear readers, whether or not you call yourself a poet or gardener, it is my pleasure to give away a copy of this genius little book.

To win, please leave a comment (just say hi if you like) by clicking on that little talk bubble at the top of this post. Giveaway ends Sunday, April 22.

20 Replies to “Garden + Poems = Giveaway”

  1. I loved the sneak peek into 2 of those delicious poems! Honest witnessing of those everyday moments, penned with all the life and breath you create! Write on!
    Love, Em

  2. hi kyce! you mean I could get a book from you I didn’t have to return? I still have your book about the old farmer up north…love you and see you soon!

  3. Hello again, Kyce. I’m on a quest for environmental female poets, and thought you might have some good leads. Can’t seem to get enough poetry these days! Any favorites on your bookshelf?

  4. Kyce,
    Pictures, quotes are delicious.
    Read your blog and winter passes and self sprouts.

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