Head, Heart, and Hands

Thinking that no matter how simple I think my life is, there is always room for still more simplicity. How even when I have dedicated myself fully to this work of homemaking, I can be tempted by ambitions and the big ideas that seem in alignment with the values I believe in, seem worthy and good, and yet are not right for this season of life. They are too much, too soon, and pull me away from my center, rather than growing out of that grounded place where I try to live. Thinking that sometimes I just have to go along for the ride, and enjoy finding myself back where I started, wiser and with renewed commitment. That said,  I should add that sometimes it is the right time to stretch and take on more. Perhaps the indicator of whether or not something is in the flow or not should be how much sleep one loses over it. In my case, big plans were scrapped for simpler ones, and my how sweet the sleep is these days!

Feeling grateful and relieved when I remember that who I am and what I’m doing is just right. It is enough. In fact, it’s amazing. Feeling blessed and connected by the small rituals of the day: pouring dish water into the garden by hand, several times a day (thank you Erin for reminding me that sometimes the smallest acts are the most meaningful); singing the songs that the little one loves best; and every so often, spending five minutes in something kin to stillness, save for prayer and thanksgiving. I’m also feeling so relaxed, in this moment, about motherhood. I’m both grateful for  all the work I’ve done to reach this place, and wondering why I had to take it so seriously, to make it so hard. I came across this quote in an interview at The Wonder of Childhood:   “The parents are working hard. If they aren’t working hard to make the money, the parents are working hard to be PERFECT.” Gah. Just as our children are blossoming in their time, growing into themselves in their lovely way, so are we. Time to take it easy, mamas! Sit back and watch your garden bloom.

Doing a lot of spinning on my Navajo spindle. After a year of thinking I’d never learn to use it, that perhaps when I was an old Grandma the time would be right, a friend sat down and showed me and within five minutes I was on my way. Amazing how something can be both so complicated and simple. And so dang fun to do while the children bumble around the yard like drunk bees. Also tending the gardens, planting and transplanting, watching for rain, reading about wishes and wabi sabi, revisiting an old writing project, setting the sourdough to rise, holding little ones, and accepting the mess that goes along with all this as a sign of a life well lived. Oh, and still searching for the last mitten or two needing to be stored…

What are your head, heart, and hands up to these days? I really wish you’d say…

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day!

9 Replies to “Head, Heart, and Hands”

  1. You know, early this year I realized that less is more and I am not going to be a super mom this year. So far it is working out well for my mind and my soul. I always have ideas running through my mind but it doesn’t mean that I will get around to execute them in the near future and currently I am very satisfied with my approach. I think i have found my center this season, it may not be my center next season and I am willing to live and discover where my mind and soul will be at that point.

    1. It does make for more contentment, doesn’t it? And it’s so true that we shift with the seasons, with our growth, with our lives. What works or is enough at one time, might not be at another. But I’m finding that the simpler I make my life, the more I like a simpler life. So I’m kind of hoping things keep moving in that direction!

  2. Oh how lovely! Can I step into your garden for a few minutes and have a spin on that lovely spindle? Sending you hugs, and there with you in spirit. And totally feeling you on stepping back from making parenting so gosh darn hard. What funny creatures we are.

  3. My hands are transplanting tomatoes into the garden.
    My heart is embracing my children’s emotions without judgment or indulgence.
    My head is wondering what I can cut out his summer to make room for gardening and camping.
    xo to you Kyce.

  4. I love love love this feature! I am new to your blog, and am completely indulging in an afternoon of reading, warped in the writing and beauty of your simplicity; so kin to my own heart! Thank you for sharing your life with us, you are so inspiring!

    1. oh yes,
      my thoughts are of gratitude for my daughter’s intent and dedication to communication.
      my feelings are strong today, in ovulation period, lusty and full of love.
      my actions are art related; it’s thursday–our art day, so we are drawing and painting today.

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