27 Things to Abandon in Fall

Remorse, which will enfold you with its sweeping embrace
anyways, accompanying you on the missteps of your journey.
Those many things, 19 in total, that you are doing
with fierce determination, with impatience,
or the expectation of greatness:
mothering, getting dressed, birthday parties,
saving the world. Not getting anything wrong,
which is to say, being always right.
Wasn’t there something you meant to do?
A life made of small gestures, its shape slowly unfolding,
A quiet waiting for you to hush.
Clear away the brambles and overgrowth.
Make a space for the woman you are becoming, began as.
She is not so fierce, nor certain.
But lovely.
Gather the fruits of your heart and longing.
Stew them into a preserve for cold days.
Tally every small harvest from this year:
from gardens, from chickens, from children,
from the good, hard work of serving, of making, of resting,
of dreaming. Gather it all into your lap.
In the garden slash down the vines and bushes, the life bearers
now dead. In your days, clear a vast space.
Let a fire blaze, let flood waters come.
What stands in the way of wholeness?
Ask this 100 times a day and heed the answers.
Stay warm. Seek light.
Keep sweeping.

9 Replies to “27 Things to Abandon in Fall”

  1. I love this! Much wisdom here, my friend… I love this especially:
    “Let a fire blaze, let flood waters come.
    What stands in the way of wholeness?
    Ask this 100 times a day and heed the answers.”

    Very true… the real art of living, not always so easy!

  2. oh, Kyce. I’ve read this several times already and each time it brings tears to my eyes. your words are perfect medicine. (although we just gave up on perfection, ha, it came!) thank you so.

  3. Love, love, love. And yes, it’s that time – time to abandon some of what has nearly swept us away, in joy and in sorrow. Love to you and yours.

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