Open Country


It was the longing for this light that pulled us out of the house, away from the pots of stewing apples, away from the fruit flies and cobwebs, away from the newly resumed life of school and work: lunches to make, lessons to plan, all those papers and poems, all those books to annotate and understand.

Underline this, the Caldera cries. Mark it in your body. Sail your net into this open country, and carry it home: Birds rising and falling across the windblown grass. A fat coyote circling the prairie dogs. Cloud flight and shadows. That long afternoon light we suppered in. That we feasted on.

2 Replies to “Open Country”

  1. Such a delightful post. The light here has also been lovely. Though I don’t have children, and a late frost got all the apples (well, the squirrels got the remaining few), I can relate to the fruit flies and cobwebs. I hope you’ll again gift us with your words and images in the near future.

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