Midsummer Revival


Mountain season, lake season, birthday season, river season, monsoon season, Volkswagen season. Season of things sprouting up like squash leaves in the compost, with ideas, dreams, & seeds from the long ago circling back on themselves, re-emerging.

It is amazing what emerges out of long silence. I have new stories to tell, though they are not so unlike the old ones. I have a book soon to arrive in the world, children still unfolding into their fullness, and an imagination still preoccupied with how it is one should live in this world. Perhaps it’s time to re-claim this space in the online wilderness, now so delightfully out of date.

Let’s be old fashioned together, shall we?













2 Replies to “Midsummer Revival”

  1. Let’s!! Time moves so quickly when we step out for a spell! When did blogs become vintage? Ohh I will always be trying to catch up to this world, at least I have you to keep me catch me up and keep me company by the old fashion fires that continue to burn in our hearts together! Welcome back to the olden days sister!

  2. How lovely to see you and read your words again!
    Congratulations on your poetry book!
    And yes to being old-fashioned 🙂

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