Reading at the Crestone Poetry Festival, in front of a beautiful backdrop, and before a fantastic crowd. As far as I know I’m the only poet with a Signal Snowboards sponsorship. They don’t know this yet, but with luck it will catch on and lead to lots more great hats.

#AWPocalypse means I, along with many others, stayed home from my big adventure at AWP in San Antonio this week. Instead, you can find me reading and trying to write, and wondering what, what! is the meaning of it all? Same old, same old. All from the splendid vantage of my sunny living room.

Seriously, it’s like Christmas and my birthday all in one week, this gift of time and solitude and good health, with only minor twinges of now I have to write something truly great…like a blog post!

I am also the guest on a recent Hiking Thru Life podcast which you can listen to here. It is a candid and light hearted conversation with occasional forays into why one shouldn’t worry about what poems mean, the links between language and landscape, and my journey as a writer. I love the part where Sarah asks me to read a poem and I’m like, no, I’m going to read this other one instead. Who does that? I do!

Photos by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer.

Ps–anyone else who didn’t go to AWP might enjoy these tips for recreating the conference at home from our friends at McSweeneys.


6 Replies to “Homebody”

  1. Hi Kyce,

    I know of you through your mom—she’s treated my family homeopathically for many years now. She always spoke of your poetry, and many years ago gave me a chapbook.

    I write as a fan—I adore Refugia. I have “You will never know the feast / From which you were born” tacked beside my desk for inspiration with my own writing. I’m sitting in the Atlanta airport now, bound for AWP in San Antonio. I’d hoped to catch your reading.

    Enjoy your AWP at home!

    All good things,


    Sent from my I-phone.


  2. Ginger–I am sorry to miss you in San Antonio and hope to connect with you another time. Enjoy the conference! No doubt this will be a year with its own special gifts.

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