Guide to the Recipes

Look what popped up with the daffodils–a ten year old road map to this blog’s now lost categories, aka “recipes.” I’m interrupting my long, wintery silence to publish this incomplete guide to the Old Recipe archive.  I used to have each of these bookmarked, but I can’t seem to do that anymore and didn’t want to lose these golden oldies.

This blog really was once about things besides poetry, though perhaps these posts speak of a time when everything was poetry. 

Plastic Free Good Life is where you’ll find the story of our plastic fast. It tells the story of just what we did and how we did it.

On Symbolic Action
 is where I attempt to answer the question of why our small drops in the bucket matter.

Radical Homemaking is about voluntary simplicity, home based activism, and changing the world.

Spiritual Homemaking is my chronicle of growing into motherhood, keeping the rhythms of our home, the inner work of balancing self and family, Waldorf parenting, and my many foibles along the way.

Green Allies is about medicinal plants, wild places, and the garden. 

Kitchen Activism is filled with the recipes, adventures, and bloopers you might expect when someone abruptly stops shopping at Trader Joe’s and begins making all her family’s tortillas, sour cream, cheeses, bread…etc. 

Seasons records the wheel turning us round and round the year, through festivals, the changing face of the land, and our growth along the way.

Mapping Home is perhaps my favorite category. It is the story of our love for our home place, and for each other. It is those two simple things that fuel all other positive change in our world. If you do nothing else, get out, walk your land, know it, and praise it. All else follows.

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