Welcome to Old Recipe for a New World


Thanks for dropping by.

The recipe we’re cooking these days is simple: less waste, more joy. Will it help to create a new world? At our house, maybe.

We’re gearing up (down?) for a four month fast from buying plastic. It’s a symbolic action, a way for us to live more in line with our principles. A show of solidarity with an increasingly troubled planet, if you will.

I’ll be posting our discoveries of how to get by in a post-plastic world (well, almost – we get to keep the plastic we already have, and cherish those bottles and baggies like they deserve to be cherished). Eventually I’ll be taking hard looks at the facts of consumption and waste, and sharing some of our reasons for making what amounts to a pretty big lifestyle change.

But know that the roots of this journal are planted in the soil of simplicity, wonder, and love. It’s a fertile ground, that. Already I’ve found much to celebrate in the handmade, the natural world, the kitchen, and the goat barn. As we close the doors on old patterns, they open to the surprising abundance of a life lived more carefully.

3 Replies to “Welcome to Old Recipe for a New World”

  1. looks totally lovely..I use glass for nearly everything and mesh bags for grains anyhow…. I like your project..nanda

  2. Thanks, Kyce. I look forward to following this blog, especially as Brett and I enter what seems to be that phase of life–parenthood–in which STUFF seems to overwhelm. Not only will there be a new BEING in our home, but as I watch so many of my friends and neighbors become parents, I see that there will be a slew of new THINGS as well–or at least the pressure to gather, purchase, and consume them. We will be challenged by the limits of space, not only physical but mental and emotional–to take a new little person in, while at the same time DE-cluttering our minds and lives, to offer what really matters…what a glorious challenge it will be. Bravo to you guys–best of luck….

  3. Wow! I feel totally moved and inspired by your family’s actions for a better place! It is striking how acting in a way that is good for the planet makes your own home more beautiful. Maybe that is the most important part; acting in a way that is aesthetic. I crave that like crazy because we are in a fixer upper with unfinished projects and disorder around us. I have been Knowing that aesthetics brings peace. Maybe that is what beauty is… signs of peace. Thank you!

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