A little more wood grain

Remember my oil cloth? It’s adorned this table for some ten years, mostly because I was convinced the table was damaged beyond presentability on its inner panels. Then one day last week, I lifted the oil cloth and looked again. I got out the steel wool, and now find myself with a whole new table. We’ll bring the oil cloth out for any projects that involve dough and rolling pins. But for now I’m just enjoying the spaciousness left in its rather bright and busy wake.

And savoring the perfect balance between letting old things go and making do with what we have at the same time.

I feel so…grown up.

Just like that music-making little lady up top there, I imagine.

6 Replies to “A little more wood grain”

  1. oh what lovely wood – is that a child sized guitar? my son has that on his birthday wish list – may I please ask where you found it?

    1. The guitar was a gift from my mother in law, who found it at a street fair in Tucson. No label or name or any other kind of identifying marks, so I don’t have much of a lead. Still, I know you’ll find one!

  2. Beautiful table.. i just love your blog. you are delightful.

    FYI… a little lemon juice & olive oil with your fine grade steel wool does wonders!!


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