Self Portrait with 1/3 Planted Garden

My notebook and conversations are filled with thoughts and reflections on this third month plastic free. I’ve got this and that to report, mostly about how we fell off the wagon here and there. Nothing serious, just my grappling with the unfamiliar rigidity this experiment brings to life. And an occasional bout of outright rebellion.

But more on all that later.

For now, this is what I’m up to.


ps, I hope you are mulling over your post for my April garden/blog party!

4 Replies to “Self Portrait with 1/3 Planted Garden”

    1. They are from, a Colorado based company. Let’s hope they look as pretty coming up as they do on the package.

  1. So glad to know you fall off the wagon and rebel! I think my garden post will be about how I just realized I don’t want to garden (rather than I don’t have time, which has been my excuse for 9 years!)

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