One-Sheet Book Tutorial

This is a one-sheet book. It has four pages.

If you love words, or pictures, or making words or pictures, or know someone who does, then read on.

I made this book for Cora.

It’s kind of about colors. But also shoes, children, animals, and other things that delight her.

Paper of any thickness or size can be used.

For this book I used the inside of a brown paper bag.

See, a one sheet book.

Okay, here we go:

A picture speaks a thousand words, right? So I’ll just add to this one that you begin by creating a grid of folds on your paper.

Make one fold across the length, one across the width, and then fold two edges to the middle.

Then fold in half vertically, and cut to the next fold, creating a hole in the middle.

Open the sheet up and refold horizontally. Bring the two edges of the cut together, pushing out the middle pages.

Like this. I promise it will make sense with the paper in your hand, if it doesn’t now.

Press the book into place, creasing all the pages to where they belong. It doesn’t matter which is the cover.

Ta da! A one sheet book.

Now you get to fill it!

And that’s when the fun really begins.

Though I do think a blank book is the bee’s knees and exactly what I’d want on a desert island.

That and some extra sheets to make more books.

10 Replies to “One-Sheet Book Tutorial”

  1. Bringing it back on a snowy day in 2011! Looking forward to the difference in 2yr old book art vs 3yr old book art! Life is good.

    Blessings and Love!

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