When living, just live: Moving towards inner simplicity

I was lying in bed nursing my little one, a book propped up in front of me as usual. This time it happened to be Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting by Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn. And I came to these words:

When sitting, just sit.

When eating, just eat.

When walking, just walk.

When talking, just talk.

When listening, just listen.

When looking, just look.

When touching, just touch.

When thinking, just think.

When playing, just play.

And enjoy the feeling of each moment and each day.

What can I say? I put the book down. The sun coming through the window felt warm on my back. My daughter fell asleep in my arms. The moment lasted a long, long time.

10 Replies to “When living, just live: Moving towards inner simplicity”

  1. yes! this book has been my constant friend lately. it is full of such gentle wisdom. of course, as i am writing this, i am eating, minding the baby, and thinking. so far from fully mindful!

    i started reading your blog this month (after finding you through one small change), and i am really enjoying it. it is always a bright, inspiring place in my day.

    1. I sometimes think that the beauty of mindfulness is that we have no idea when we are truly in it. Too busy just being…
      Thanks for saying hello!

  2. Hi Kyce,
    Lisa and I were both inspired by this quote and your message. We are going to pick up this thread of light and weave it into threading light this Monday. You’ll see a link to your post in our sidebar. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    love, blessings, and gratitude~

    p.s. I have this book by my bed right now and you’ve also inspired me to pick it up again;)

    1. Ah, the wheel of inspiration brings us all around and around to each other. I’ve gotten so much from Threading Light, and am honored to be a part of it in any way. Thank you for your kind words.

    1. I should have added at the end of this: and then, I picked the book back up and continued to read. It is nice though to step aside for a moment and see it all as it is, though. Sweet cheeks at the breast, book, and all.

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