Musings on Equinox Eve

It’s equinox eve and just for tonight I’m remembering summer.

Those long, blessed days of rest and fruitfulness, growth and change.

We’ve been back in our home and garden for ages, and now I’m finding my way back here.

The light fades fast, these days. Tonight we are doubly blessed with our first rain in ages.

A long, slow soaking rain.

A song on the roof.

It brings to mind the many ways we have to honor the things in our lives that follow

the threefold path of beauty, truth, and goodness.

And something about that made me want to say hello.

These days, life is a simple affair of mothering, living ever so gently in the home,

finding balance and gratitude. Too vague?  Too pretty? Hmmm.

Let’s see.

The almost-last bouquet of the season sits on the table. A string of apples hangs to dry.

Dishes to wash.

A family to love, and this and that to tend to.

All is well. More to come. Probably.

8 Replies to “Musings on Equinox Eve”

  1. Hello Kyce ,
    from a far away past of 1995 when I moved you to nm ,
    I just wented to send a love ray to you and wish you happyness love JP

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