Letter to Baby

Dear Baby,

I just wanted to write and say that I am

Done sewing you an enormous purple diaper bag.

Done cutting up sweaters to make longies so you are toasty-warm here on the Outside.

Done with knitting possibly the most adorable things I have ever made. That’s right! For you.

Even, to my amazement, done with the quilt I started piecing by hand almost ten years ago.

You see, my baby, I’m done. Out of projects. Nothing left to do.

Now if you, my little baby, aren’t feeling quite done, that’s fine.

Take your time coming out.

I’ll savor this ripe stillness.

This pause before life speeds up again.

Sweet in-breath before your first breath.

You are coming. I know it. But if you take much longer, I’ll have to start another project.

And I’d rather be holding you.



ps sister is ready, too.

10 Replies to “Letter to Baby”

  1. B wanted to know why I was “sad” when I read this. Not sad, honey, sniffling because I’m so happy for Mama Kyce, because she’s really really ready for her new baby, and so is Big Sister C. Sniff. Sniff.

  2. Letter to a mommy…

    This was so sweet to read and remember those days of done projects and waiting. My projects were more organizational in nature since that’s what I like to do but I liked feeling prepared.

  3. Ack- I keep leaving a comment, and it keeps not going up somehow. I’m trying to say -Gorgeous! Love all the handmades, and sweet Cora on the quilt. So excited to meet your new babe!

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