Breathe, Friends.

My girls sleep peacefully, moonlight falling across their cheeks. Outside, crocuses push up through leaf mulch. Dogs bark. On my neighbors porch, a great white crane, folded as so many millions have been folded, hangs. A symbol of peace, hope, healing.

For days my heart has been heavy. It fills with fear and anxiety, leaves the present-moment sweetness of my days. It took me awhile to realize that I’m grieving. To remember that no part of this world is injured without affecting all others. It is impossible to not feel the tragedy of what is happening in Japan. The tragedy of our times. We are all connected.

I find a lot of comfort and courage in the words of Joanna Macy, a visionary elder whose work I feel none of us can afford to be ignorant of, especially as we raise children in these uncertain times. I wanted to share this video of her speaking on Uncertainty at the Bioneers conference a few years ago. May her words be a balm that gives each of us strength to feel our love for the world fully, even when it is painful. And may this love turn always back into gratitude, and service, as we strive to transform our world.

Much love to each of you. May our prayers for healing uplift us all.

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