Ordering the Stars

Sometimes, my little daughter Cora seems to want to order the stars where to sit in the sky. Move over! She’ll shout at them (in this metaphor). No, There! It’s something to behold. At first this troubled me. Lately, it inspires me. No, we can’t always get Mars to move closer to Cancer (though if we are patient, it eventually will), or get a little friend to share her stroller. But we can shape our homes, and ultimately our lives, to reflect the beautiful order of the world.

Since Maida was born, I’ve had the odd experience of becoming the best housekeeper I have ever been in my life (which, admittedly, isn’t saying much). Odd, because I always expected the opposite to happen once the number of children in our home doubled, which we all know really means quadrupled, in that weird exponential way–2 to the power of Baby. Some days things are the mess you might expect, but it’s not as often as I ever expected. (In case I sound heroic, let me disclose that Baby Mae sleeps a lot, making it possible to get all sorts of things done.) But I’ve found that in order to be a peaceful mother, I need an ordered home. One that “runs itself” and takes care of us while we take care of it. For me, having a home that takes care of me means that it needs to be a creative home. A tidy home. A frugal home. A low-impact on the earth home. A simple, uncluttered home, based on simple, uncluttered systems.

I realize that I am at a point in my life in which I am Wholly Mother. My body is softer. My mind a little slower. My arms or lap often occupied, my hands always busy. It is strange and wonderful, and I am quite surrendered to it. That is partly why, I think, our home is running so smoothly these days. I have been guided to this place by many examples–from my childhood, my mother friends, and also lots of wise voices from blogland. I want to add my voice to that chorus now. For the next few weeks I’ll be sharing my fabulous! revolutionary! Simple! Secrets to Being a Super-Organized Extreme Eco Housewife (Now that You Have Two Kids). This is kind of a re-take on my first Extreme Eco Housewife post–which has some great ideas, by the way. But I have been through a year of serious growth since then, and want to share some of my discoveries about some of the more internal parts of keeping house–the subtle, unseen things as well as the functional, menu-planny type things.

Please come along, and please oh please, share your secrets along the way.


ps, if you are wondering what’s up with my blog header, that’s secret #1–getting a head start on the fall decorating! Our Christmas tree is still up, too. Just kidding.

8 Replies to “Ordering the Stars”

  1. ooo, i want in! things have been tidier here too since two. they just have to be, right? but i am still wanting more (and less stuff!). xoxo

  2. I love this “I realize that I am at a point in my life in which I am Wholly Mother”. I remember arriving there also. And now as I shift subtly away from being wholly mother into “mother of older children with extra time to devote to other passions” I’d love to hear what you have to say about creating a simple uncluttered home with simple uncluttered systems (oh I like that!)

    I am looking forward to what you have to share, especially with regards to a low-impact earth home. I feel I have lost traction in that area (actually have made conscious compromises) because of the enormity of the life change we are going through. Only so much I can do at one time and some of my personal eco-mandates have slipped. I can’t wait to reclaim those and move beyond them even more after we move.

    Bring it on Kyce. I’m ready to learn from your wisdom.

  3. Hi Kyce! Just checking in…so you know you still have one male follower 🙂 can’t wait to meet Maida! love love

  4. Can’t wait for more Kyce goodness. I’m so happy that life is flowing with beauty and peace! Big love and smiles. Those cheeks need some apples painted on them! Maybe this fall… 🙂 Love!

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