Waiting for the Light

I’ve known it was coming. Since September I’ve been preparing. But still, now that it’s here I’m caught by the fullness of it.


Two days of beautiful, much needed rain underscore it. No sun. Dark nights.

I didn’t quite realize how I was feeling till I looked around and saw my house lit up like a lantern.

My husband asked, “Do you think you have enough lights on?” and I was like, “Not even close!”

It’s like being cold but not able to get warm, this longing for light.

And the answer I always find is to stoke the inner fire.

To pray in my way, to write and draw and express some of the soul’s light, to shine it out into the world.

To sing. This song, a lot.

To not turn away too quickly from the darkness, but to give thanks for it, for the way it turns us inward and brightens our spirits.

It’s why we seek to create so much joy and community during this season of light. Our work is all about light making!

It’s coming, friends. Not much longer now and the sun grows stronger, the world reborn.

Excuse me while I go wait by the fire.


The never-ending seasons 

that so lightly come and go

Are miracles of wisdom 

no man can ever know.

–JF Wornal

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