Notes on the New Year

Hi Friends, Happy New Year!

I’ve missed you. I wish I could say hello here more often, and am glad you come by for when I do.

These days I’ve been:

::Resting. Home from a big family Christmas, it has been blissful to be back in our sweet little house, reclaiming our rhythms. I am so aware these days of how completely this humble space nurtures us.

::Resting also my hands and mind. December was low key enough, but still so goal oriented–things to make, to do, to feel. It’s been nice to sit idle, to gestate creativity and action through that stillness. It’s amazing to watch myself go from low inspiration and energy to slowly building until I can’t help myself, it’s time for things to happen again. This post case in point (though it’s taken over a week to complete!).

::Reveling in my new found love of La Dishwasher. Our kitchen sink is totally out of commission since my husband banged on the faucet in a moment of angst (it was leaking) and snapped it straight off. So we now have a hole that water sprays out of, and I load the dishwasher and it is, seriously, a revolution. And amazing to see how much less water gets used, which is a polite way of saying how nice it is to not be washing dishes all day.

::Practicing staying warm, not just with our hats and woolens and slippers (though keeping the kids well dressed is a practice of sorts) but with my thoughts and actions. Meeting my work as mother with tenderness and love, pausing more often to actively cherish the girls and Man of the Place, to let my heart overflow a little bit more through my words and touch. It’s not like I didn’t do these things before, but since I’ve turned up the thermostat (so to speak), I’ve noticed that my older daughter is especially calmer, more secure, and centered. And I’m happier, too, able to meet my day with more cheer and patience.

::Wondering how to be more cheerful and patient when the three year old starts whining and the one year old is crying and we’re all trying to get out the door but I can’t find the keys and my tea spills and then someone gets pushed and…has anyone figured that one out yet?

::Planning a deep winter cleaning and organizing and de-cluttering extravaganza. This post at Clean says exactly what I’ve been feeling about this. I’ve made a list of all the places that need to be sorted and cleared, and will dedicate Fridays of my housekeeping rhythm towards those efforts.

::Marveling that not only have I learned to knit and sew (against the odds, people!) in the last few years, but there are many days when my girls are dressed almost entirely in clothes I made…many of them re-purposed out of thrifted tees and woolens. I wouldn’t call it high fashion, but there is something very charming  and old fashioned about it.

::That said, I’m feeling so over knitting!  Note to self: Never knit on less than size 8 (10?) needles. Avoid purling whenever possible. Knit in the round whenever possible. Only two projects at a time, please! No cables, no counting. Ever. At least not until I’m a grandma. Cora’s little maxi dress (above) is about the perfect pattern for me these days. Maida is wearing Swing Thing.

::Feeling grateful for our time walking the land as a family, where our bodies and minds and spirits are renewed and our bonds with each other and our home land can grow stronger. Have you been getting out enough?

::And especially grateful for my community, the inspiration and discoveries I make here in the blog world, as well as the sweet ties growing ever stronger with my real world circle of friends. Especially the ones that gather around a kitchen table one night a week to craft and talk–oh that is my greatest pleasure (and they are on their way over right now)!

::Opening to the unknown life waiting for us to step into it–the discoveries to make, the passions to pursue, the growth that will happen. The books I’ll read, the things I’ll cook, the garden that we’ll grow, the travels still to come, the songs yet to be sung…


 Thanks for coming by, all. I treasure sharing this journey with you.

Tell me, what are you doing these days?

5 Replies to “Notes on the New Year”

  1. Beautiful, dear one! Love it. And what gorgeous woolens. Don’t worry, we all need a break from knitting sometimes 🙂 All the sweeter when the urge returns. So much love to you and yours. Oh, and getting out the door? Wish I knew. My current solution is to stay home, lol.

  2. Casting on is the worst for me. I finally decided I can only CO when the kids are asleep so I won’t have to recount 20 times. I’m heading over to “clean” to scope out some decluttering help. =)

  3. I love your thoughts..thank you for taking the time to share.
    Your blogs and those of Anne R. (“Bird and Little Bird” ) (and her “Alphabet Glue series)… envelope each other in our life.
    clutter..everywhere. sigh.
    nancy in pecos

  4. Well I have been enjoying reading these recent posts very much, this is where I am pausing to say hello. And although quite belated now I will wish you a wonderful new year ahead.
    Hope you are still enjoying lots of winter coziness and craftiness. I am feeling pretty good about knitting these days. I have always sewn most of my girls clothing, and now to be able to knit sweaters, cardigans!, I feel very happy about it. But still I pretty much can’t participate in any kind of conversation at all while knitting…
    Thanks for all the good words you share here!

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