Yarn Along

Joining in again!

We’ve been so happy that our library got Pocketful of Posies, a book of nursery rhymes by one of our favorite’s, Salley Mavor. It is such a feast for the eyes! (I loved the illustrations in another book she did, In the Heart, so much that it inspired a whole “line” of repurposed  and embroidered woolen clothes like the ones in the book.) The link on her name takes you to all her books.

 I believe so strongly that fostering literacy begins not with letters but literature. And for very small children, that means lots of verses.  It’s been hard to find a beautiful collection that doesn’t feature animals dressed as people, and save for This little piggy went to market, this book delivers. Gorgeous illustrations you will want to step right into, and a perfect assortment of our favorite rhymes with many new ones, too.

In knitting news I take back my words about size one needles–this bonnet turned out to be easy and fun and fast. I’d show you a pic of Maida wearing it but a) it would be so cute your computer might freeze up, and b) she’s asleep. So my third little baby here was kind enough to model. The pattern is DROPS bonnet in “Fabel.” It’s darling.

I’m also reading Unconditional Parenting at long last. So good to finally read the book that has indirectly had such a huge influence on my parenting, both inspiring and at times confusing me. I’ve really been mulling over this line:

“The reasons we parent as we do might be said to fall into roughly four categories: what we see and hear, what we believe, what we feel, and, as a result of those, what we fear.”


Think I’ll pick my knitting back up to think about that some more.

3 Replies to “Yarn Along”

  1. …in response to the “what you fear” quote……fear can sound like such a bad no-no..and yet…

    there are things to be cautious of: fire, poisonous snakes, heavy traffic, falling trees or furniture, boiling water, violent/unconscious activity in the vicinity….maybe sometimes fear is respect and awe or awareness of stored and volatile power….

    we could not have survived as a species if we had failed to be curious, thorough, discerning…

    that’s all in defense of healthy fear

    thank you


    1. I imagine fear serves it’s purpose in this context, too. It might spur us to parent in a way that is different from how we were raised (fear of becoming our mothers…), or fear of “messing up,” or all kinds of other fears that might be considered healthy. When I think of fears that have shaped my parenting, they can be less helpful, and are usually pretty unconscious. For instance, I’ve been motivated at times by my fear of being considered a bad mother by other people. More things to think about!

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