Ski Date Love Song

Sometimes, the snow comes.

And the kids are sick.

And Grandma and Grandpa want to be with them.

Sometimes we are let loose, my love and I.

The land shimmers in it’s snow blanket, fresh and airy.

Shifting clouds, filtered light.

Everything is gliding motion.

Forest and snow.

Well worn trail, well-known love.

Skis and you.

Gliding along we go.

3 Replies to “Ski Date Love Song”

  1. Hello Kyce,

    Thank you for your kind words at woodbird! I love these snippets of your beautiful New Mexico life. Where do you live? I have lots of family in the Taos area and miss that sky so much…it’s been a while.

    Also, what a beautiful post about your second birth. My first was pitocin-induced and less-than-ideal…I’m due again in May and am hoping for a “healing as well as a birth.”

    Nice to find you here.

    1. We are in Santa Fe, but I grew up partly in Taos county and it is so dear to my heart. Many blessings on your birth–I love your way of putting it as a “healing as well as a birth.”

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