Traditional Foods Blues

It’s a song, people.

dum dum dum deedum

I woke up this morning

my earl grey tastes like a goat.

Set the sourdough rising,

and cooked those soaked oats.

Dee dum dum deedum

The yogurt milk boiled over,

but it’s gonna taste okay.

Got to keep at it,

it’s just that kind of day.

Dum dum dum deedum

My bone broth stopped gelling

after two days a cooking,

I don’t know what happened

but at least the smell is gone.

deedly dum deedee dum

My fermented carrots turned nasty

guess something went wrong

it don’t really matter

cuz I got me this song

dee dum dum deedum

These beans I’ve been soaking

for 48 hours

So get yourself supper

and feel the food power.



Won’t you sing along? What’s happening in your kitchen, right or wrong?

6 Replies to “Traditional Foods Blues”

  1. Got 6 quarts of kraut in the fridge from since before the baby was born, I won’t go near it but my brave husband keeps truckin along.

    The Kombucha mother sits behind them on the shelf, wrinkled and hungry, she hasn’t had fresh tea since the summer time, I can here her calling for help!!

    The sourdough is healthy and pumping out many a loaf but know way in …… am I getting a goat!!

    I did however brew some chile and tabacco tea, those aphids in the green house sure are getting to me.

    Not much salad production yet, but I sure hope my husband doesn’t mistake my brew for his tea, though that sure would wake him up this morning I’ll bet.

    Te hee hee!!!Happy fermenting kitchen to thee…

  2. My first attempt at fermented ginger ale has turned into a frothy green jar of pond scum, my crackers were too thick and soft, but tasty nonetheless. And my second attempt at mulitgrain sandwich bread was a huge success. Freezer full of chicken broth gives me comfort and comes in time for our first cold of the season. Keep on truckin’

  3. Too funny, when things go wrong in my kitchen it means I am pregnant!!! LOL. I stuck my hand in a pot of boiling water while pregnant like the woman in “Village of the Damned” (if you have ever seen that oldie) LOL. I burn food, pick up hot pans without oven mitts etc. Very bizarre…and dangerous!!!


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