Head, Heart, and Hands

Thinking about creativity, the mother’s journey, and the deep need each of us has for a sense of purpose. I’ve been really enjoying the audio interviews at the MAPP gathering that speak so wholeheartedly to this.

Feeling the rising energy of spring. Warm days and a little moisture make me wonder if it’s time to plant. Too early yet for the garden, so I turn my attention inwards. What is it in me that wants to be nurtured into being? Okay, is that too hokey? How about this: I’m feeling really satisfied by the time alone I nabbed to get some ideas manifested. The sap is running, friends.

Doing the usual: walks on the ridge and along the river, keeping house, tending children, writing in the quiet space of naptime. Also, neglecting my spring house cleaning to give some long overdue love to Old Recipe, and experiencing a bit of awe for all the things I’ve written here, all the people I have connected with through this space, and the way this journal is a record of my need to live mindfully and from the heart.

Grateful for all of you who join me here, for friends that inspire and motivate (especially you, Erin, for letting me copycat your beautiful Seeds and Stones), for my ability to both surrender and strive, for the full water tanks that are nurturing our garden, for the borrowed computer (thanks, ma!) that allowed me to spruce up this here Recipe Book in hours instead of days, for the snowpack in our mountains, for my family, for my life.


If you are reading this as an email, do come see the changes. And I’d love to hear from you: Which of my categories represents best to you what Old Recipe is about, so I can order the list more meaningfully. You can read descriptions of each here.

5 Replies to “Head, Heart, and Hands”

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying MAPP and I feel more connected knowing you are listening also.

    It took me awhile to feel comfortable listening though since I come from such a different place in my mothering journey. Motherhood is my first career, I didn’t give up anything to be a mom, I found myself and grew into up and into womanhood, while being a mom.

    Love your new site look, it’s beautiful. But I do notice it loads slow for me. Just a fyi, heads up kind of thing.

  2. Kyce, I really like the new look here- so clean and simple. The banner pic is wonderful.
    When I first stumbled upon your blog, the first two things I found which spoke to me and I reallyh apreciated were the post about radical homemaking, and the one about living simply on a smaller income- the argument about money and green living, etc.
    Of course, I love all of it. This is a great space- full of inspiration, and I always say “YES!” in my head after I read your thoughts.
    ❤ Mel

  3. Hey there lady– Lovely, simple, clean and yes slow to load,( mine too, it may be the size of the pics, I will inquire and report.) Thanks for the shout out, I am honored and delighted that I am worthy of example. Now we can learn together and share blog tricks. Keep up the good work!!

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