Origin of the Apple

A handful of years ago, in the days when my girls were riding ponies every Sunday morning and the hens were half grown and my book still unborn, my mother and paternal grandmother came by for a very impromptu birthday breakfast–they share birthdays in the same week.

The occasion was witnessed by Genevieve Russell, a friend who happens to be an extraordinary documentarian. She made a short film I want to share today in honor of all the mothers that stand behind each of us. I dedicate it to my beautiful mother, Lia, and beloved Gramita, Rose.

It was far enough back that I no longer mind the messy house and hair, or the overflowing bookshelves. All I see captured here is everything that is most precious to me.





3 Replies to “Origin of the Apple”

  1. Loved seeing your beautiful roots in mama and gramma and the seeds become flesh in your young beauties! Thank you for this special gift of your home and heart!

  2. It feels wrong to watch such a lovely video without comment. What a beautiful family. I watched and cried and thought of my own family and the passage of time. What a gift that your family will cherish.

    Thank you.

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