Into the Field

Jake Skeets and I will be sharing poems and conversation as part of the Further Notice Reading Series tonight. Details and relevant links for virtual attendance here.

Jake is an extraordinary poet and thinker. Exhibit a: this Book. Exhibit b: this interview. I am honored to join him, and really curious about where our wanderings through “the field” will take us.

Attending readings like this have been medicine for me lately. They offer a dose of language, imagination, and contemplation that fortifies the soul for the essential work we are doing of revolution and healing.

What is keeping you fortified, awake, centered, engaged?

What does poetry offer us right now?

Can a poem be an ecosystem? Or, at least, a territory of the imagination?

I don’t know for sure what we’ll talk about, but these are questions on my mind, today, and, well, all the time.

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